Every adventure is different but the invitation always says the same thing:

“I dare you to try.”

Whatever you’re supposed to do in life. Whatever dream you have. Whatever mission or moment you are in the middle of, that is the drumbeat.

“I dare you to try.”

That is what every adventure is about and this week I decided to go on one.

A few days ago, I signed a new book deal with a new publisher.

The book is about starting over, because well, I am. And a lot of you are too.

This is the logo that will be on the back cover of my next book.


If it looks familiar that might be because you’ve seen it on the back cover of books by Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and Mark Twain.

I’ve waited since I was in the third grade to write a sentence like that.

That Penguin is going to publish my book as part of their business division, Portfolio, is crazy.


Portfolio has published some of my favorite books of all time, including Tribes. That I get to publish books as part of that family is hard to believe.

And yet, in a few weeks I’ll fly to New York to meet with them and they’ll dare me to try.

And I will.

In fact, as of this moment I am already deep into the writing of the next book. Why?

Because it’s a lot of fun to try.

Thanks for being a big part of why I get to write books. May I never forget that one of the reasons I got to write my first book was because you were generous. It was your willingness to read my first blog that made my first publisher curious.

I am forever in debt to you because 6 years ago you dared me to try writing a blog. And it’s my goal to return that favor by continuing to help you with the amazing adventures you’re on right now.

So get ready, when my new book comes out you might find it says something familiar,

I dare you to try.