I don’t know what you are trying to create right now.

A business?

An album?

A book?

A brand?

There are a million possibilities, but I do know one thing about the creation process. I have never heard someone say, “My life finally got so comfortable and easy that I was able to create my greatest art.”

Does comfort and safety create some good things? Definitely. They both have value and importance, but every great artist I’ve known, every business owner who has changed the world and every dreamer who has climbed the peaks told me the same thing.

It was hard. It was not easy. It was up for grabs. It was terrifying at times. It was not comfortable.

I’m writing a new book right now. It is hard. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written but it difficult. I’m terrified of jumping back on that laptop every morning because what if I don’t have what it takes? What if I’m not really creative? What if the process is not easy?

It’s not. The process is challenging. That’s OK. The struggle is not failure, the struggle is art.

Today, instead of trying to make your life more comfortable, make your art more honest.

Write from the difficulty, dream from the challenge, hope from the wreckage.

Comfort doesn’t create great art.