That’s an interesting question.

If you’re just a random candle collector, the best you can do is probably terrify neighbors. Imagine how weird it would be to live next to someone who lit their house with 1,000 candles. And what if they were all the same scent? “What can I say? I like the smell of clean laundry. A lot. I like that scent a lot.” (There are 7 candle aficionados who just got mad on my email list.)

But I’m not talking about one person owning 1,000 candles, I’m talking about 1,000 of us each buying a candle from Thistle Farms.

For more than 18 years, they’ve helped women escape the bonds of trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

I’ve worked with them for years and starting today, we’re launching a “Stand on New Ground” campaign.

The concept is simple, more candles = more light = more women finding their way home.

I’ll never forget the story one survivor told me about her childhood. Her mom sold her to her drug dealer when she was 12. Can you even begin to think about what that’s like? As a dad of daughters, I will always use my platform to support organizations like this.

The candles are amazing and are such high quality that Whole Foods carries Thistle Farms. (I need to do a whole post on why having a big heart isn’t enough to be a great non-profit, you need big execution and excellence too!)

If you need a gift idea for someone or just want to do something kind for a stranger, buy a candle today.

My goal is to sell 1,000 for them. That feels like a lot but who ever said it was fun to play it safe?

Thanks for being part of this adventure with me. There are a lot of women in Nashville and other parts of the country who will sleep inside tonight instead of under highway passes because you cared. You gave them the chance to stand on new ground.

Buy one here!