A few weeks ago, in downtown Franklin, TN, I saw someone singing on a street corner.

In the middle of the sidewalk, this guy was absolutely killing it. While people walked to dinner, while antique shoppers stepped inside stores, he was giving it his all.

It was just him, a small speaker, a microphone and enough bravery to fill a stadium. I would have been terrified.

You would have thought ten thousand people were there. Didn’t matter to Joshua A McCartney. He was supposed to sing. And dance. And own that sidewalk.

So he did. (You can get a small glimpse of what he was doing in my very poorly shot video.)

Got a dream you want to chase? You’ve got some sidewalks in your future.

No one gets to skip the sidewalk on the way to the stage.

When you find yourself on one, do brave stuff.

Sing loud.

Dare big.

Even when you don’t feel like. Especially when you don’t feel like it.

Don’t try to skip the sidewalk.

Own the sidewalk.

Make it yours.

Joshua did and I think you can too.