When my friend’s daughter was two years old she used to get in fights with her older sister.

Like a lot of kids her age, she often would deploy the only weapon she had, the bite.

The problem was that when she bit her sister she got in considerable trouble. Using the best of her two year old brain, she came up with a solution. Every time her sister made her mad and she got in a fight, she would bite herself.

You read that correctly. In the midst of the fight, she would haul off and bite the heck out of herself.

This is my new favorite picture of bitterness.

Bitterness is biting your own arm when someone offends you or hurts you.

It leaves a mark, just not where you think.

It doesn’t solve anything either. Have you ever heard someone say, “Fortunately, bitterness fixed the whole situation.”

Of course not.

Don’t be bitter. It’s bad for business and horrible for life.