It’s easy to make New Year’s Resolutions.

The Internet is chocked full of motivational statements to push you along.

You get new running shoes for Christmas.

You shake your fist at your scale.

You swear to your manuscript that this is the year it will be completed.

And then January 1st comes and goes and the stickiness of the year sets in.

The buzz wears off.

Usually by mid January our momentum starts to drag a little. A day off from the goal turns into two days turns into three. All the motivational Abraham Lincoln quotes plastered on top of photos of lions on Instagram can’t help us. (My favorite one is where the big lion is looking at the baby lion and it says that thing about how believing in your dreams empowers visions of destiny something something something positive words something. You know that one? It’s the best.)

How do we move beyond New Year’s Resolutions? How do we crush our goals all year long?

That’s the question I’ll be addressing in a free webinar next Wednesday night, January 27 at 7PM Central.

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There are 3 things that can help you hustle on your goals all year long.

They’re simple, they’re unexpected and dare I say, they’re even fun.

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