Regardless of if you like her music, it seems like Lady Gaga is pretty honest.

In her most recent song she sings, “I live for the applause.”

Over and over again, she repeats this simple line. You can certainly argue that it’s just a lyric and she doesn’t mean it. Then again, to doubt that Lady Gaga doesn’t like attention is to argue that when she wore that dress made of meat that was about celebrating the unknown comfort of bacon not trying to get people to look at her.

Though several pop stars might live for the applause, at least Lady Gaga admitted it.

And applause is fun. I’ve had hate and applause and I know which one felt better. I like applause and have a good time when the things I do generate more of it.

There’s only one problem though.

Applause is the most temporary thing on the planet.

It never lasts because fame is disposable.

Think I’m wrong?

Tell me who the President of the United States was in 1889 without using Google.

He was one of the most powerful people in the world at the time. He was as famous as they come. Applause for him filled stadiums.

What was his name again? What part of his legacy are you most connected to personally? Which of his speeches do you quote most often?

We don’t remember that president because fame doesn’t last, it is fleeting.

You may never reach the heights that Lady Gaga has reached. Your outfits may never be constructed of salted meats. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get lost looking for applause.

Do what you do because to not would be death.

Live your story because that’s the one you’ve been given.

Deal with both applause and hate with the same open hand.

But above all, be careful.

If you tie your dream to applause, your dream has failed before it even began.