Is it really possible to change the future or do our pasts dictate who we are destined to become? Nona Jones would tell you that the future is yours to shape, no matter the circumstances you come from. She had the sort of childhood no one expects good things to come from, so she flipped the script on the world. Nona is now an international speaker, preacher, author, and the head of global faith-based partnerships at Facebook. She is a graduate of the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program and was named one of Essence Magazine’s “Under 40 Women to Watch.” She most recently served as Secretary of the Florida Juvenile Justice Association Board of Directors and on the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force. Presently she leads a church with her husband in Gainesville, Florida. Nona joined me for an incredible conversation about rejection, redemption, and becoming who you were meant to be despite what you have to overcome.