We’ve all daydreamed about quitting our 9-5 to pursue our dream job – opening a beachside bookstore, launching a clothing line, buying a bed and breakfast in New England – but what does it actually take to leave your job and make a plan to move forward? Tim Schurrer knows because he did it not that long ago. Tim was the right hand to Donald Miller for almost a decade as COO of StoryBrand and previously worked at TOMS Shoes and at Apple. When he realized he had dreams to become an author, he eventually quit the job he loved so that he could go all in. He joins me for a conversation about making the map from your day job to your dream job, creating a runway for your transition, and the brass tacks of what chasing your dream really entails. For more from Tim, check out his book that started it all, The Secret Society of Success: Stop Chasing the Spotlight and Learn to Enjoy Your Work (and Life) Again.