In 1999, Tiffany Taylor accidentally stood up Leon Chen for a date (she was ice skating at the mall with a friend). As an apology, she baked and delivered a batch of warm cookies, and the concept of warm cookie delivery was born. Shortly afterward, the pair launched Tiff’s Treats with just $20 and a big dream during their sophomore year at the Univeristy of Texas. Since then, the founders have married and their business has grown to include 68 stores and more than 1700 employees. Co-founder and author, Tiff Chen, joins me for a conversation on starting the entrepreneurial life at such a young age, dealing with pushback, managing the roles of spouse and business partner and so much more. For more from Tiff and Leon, check out their brand new book, It’s Not Just Cookies: Stories and Recipes from the Tiff’s Treats Kitchen.