How do you begin to untangle your accomplishments from your identity after a lifetime of overachieving?

My guest, Mary Marantz, is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of the book, Dirt. Mary grew up in small rural town in West Virginia, and from an early age excelled in everything she did. Despite the limited opportunities her hometown offered, with the enduring support of her dad and years of hard work, she went from a five-room schoolhouse to the hallowed halls of Yale University. Her journey is nothing short of incredible, but along the way her achievements and her identity became one in the same to her. Untangling the two was a long process, but she joined me this week to share the process it took to undo the mindsets that a lifetime of overachieving instilled in her. Listen in for an incredibly moving conversation about how you can achieve big goals without letting them define who you are.