What does it take to live the life you truly want? In today’s episode, I explore this question with author Jennifer Cohen. Jennifer shares her belief that boldness is a learnable skill and reveals an approach that can help you overcome the fear of failure. We discuss the importance of vulnerability, embracing failure, and creating daily habits that lead to success. Jennifer also offers valuable advice on the difference between bold moves and big risks, while emphasizing the significance of not putting others in harm’s way.

My favorite was hearing Jennifer’s journey from being a self-proclaimed “master of failing” to having a “PhD in getting right back up again.” Plus, you won’t want to miss our playful debate on who would win in a fight between Paw Patrol and Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Join us for an entertaining and empowering conversation that will challenge you to embrace boldness and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready to be bold?