Authors write books.

Readers make them bestsellers.

That’s one of the scary things about writing.

You spend a year of your life saying no to other things. Things that might be guaranteed to work. Things that might have been easier. Things that might have made more sense to people on the outside.


Because you have an idea you believe in. So you take this very limited thing you have, time, and you give it to the idea.

Statistically speaking, I’ll get 73 years on this planet, barring a run in with a bear. To give one of those 73 years to an unproven idea was intimidating.

Will people read it?

Will people identify with it?

Will people be encouraged by it, challenged by it, emboldened by it?

These are the questions that keep you up at night as an author.

I wrote Do Over  because I needed it. I went through the largest career transition I’ve ever experienced and I needed it. But that’s certainly no guarantee that other people will too.

There’s no guarantee that college seniors will recognize graduation as the Do Over it is.

There’s no guarantee that Parent’s Magazine will name it their “Mom Must Read.”

There’s no guarantee that Bloomberg BusinessWeek will feature it as part of their
“Master’s Class.”

Although all of these things happened in the last few weeks, when you start writing, nothing is guaranteed.

But the thing you never try, always fails.

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So you try.

You write.

You paint.

You apply to new jobs.

You open a business.

You go back to school even though everyone else seems so young.

You sacrifice that rarest of gifts, time, for something you believe in.

And then you hope. Because writers don’t make books successful, readers do. Business owners don’t make businesses successful, customers do. Musicians don’t make albums successful, listeners do.

Do Over is a success because you made it so.

You bought it for yourself. You bought it for a friend. You bought it for a son or daughter who bumped into the 20s and didn’t know what to do next.

You put it on all these bestseller lists.


Thank you!

And if you haven’t bought Do Over yet, I dare you to take a look at it.

I dare you to crack open the first few pages and see what thousands and thousands of other people have already discovered.

I dare you to launch your next dream, from the pages of a book I wrote for you and book I wrote for me.

Here’s where you can buy a copy. Here’s to dreaming. Here’s to trying. Here’s to your Do Over.
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