According to Gallup, 70% of people don’t like their job.

Did that statistic shock you? Is your mouth still agape with unbelief? I doubt it. The idea of hating your job is so commonplace these days that the people who love what they do for a living stick out like sore thumbs.

Statistically speaking, most of you reading this right now don’t like your job, and I think that sucks. I believe enjoying what you do for a living matters because anything you do for 40-60 hours every week for 40-60 years of your life matters.

So what do you do if you don’t like your job? Complain about it to anyone who will listen? Suck it up and clock in every Monday morning hoping your eventual retirement will be worth it? Quit the rat race and move to the woods of Northern Maine to see how long you can survive on Ramen and baked beans?

Those are all options, but I’ve got what I think is a better idea. Seven ideas, actually, and they look something like this:

1. Figure out which of the four major transitions your career is currently in.
2. Discover which of the four investments your career needs most right now.
3. Develop your relationships.
4. Hone your skills.
5. Work on your character.
6. Increase your hustle.
7. Add it all together.

It’s hard to lay these ideas out in a blog post, so I laid them out in a free video series I put together called “7 ways to love your job.” The video series is free, but it’s only available to folks who pre-order the soft cover version of Do Over by January 3, 2017.

softcoverWhat’s Do Over? I’m glad you asked!

I wrote Do Over to help people just like you rescue Mondays, reinvent your work, and never get stuck. It was published in April 2015 but it is re-releasing in soft cover on January 3rd. Seth Godin called it “…the best career book ever written,” and comedian Jim Gaffigan said it was “funny, insightful and well written.”

So if you don’t like your job and you’d rather not eat beans in a tent north of Bangor, here’s my offer to you: pre-order Do Over before January 3nd and you’ll not only get the “best career book ever written,” you’ll also get my 7-day video series on how to love your job. (Just order at any retailer and fill out this quick form!)

And for those of you who DO love what you do for a living? Pre-order Do Over as a gift for a friend! You’ll be able to send them the book and access link when they become available, and we’ll even send you a PDF certificate you can print out before Christmas to give to them to let them know that a gift is coming.

I’m so excited for you to check out this video series, but you’ve only got until next January 3, 2017, to pre-order Do Over and get access.

How do you get the bonus video series on these ideas when it releases in January? Just follow these two easy steps and I’ll send you the whole series on January 3rd so that you can have an awesome 2017!

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You don’t have to hate what you do for a living. You can have a Do Over, and it starts right now.