Do you know who Gary Vee is?

His full name is Gary Vaynerchuk and he’s a brilliant proponent of all things social media. His fourth book, #AskGaryVee, just hit the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

Gary Vee is also who a lot of my friends compare themselves to right now. They say things like:

“That dude is everywhere!”
“He’s killing it on snapchat! I’ve gotta to get better at snapchat.”
“I’ve been studying his book launch and want to do the same things he did with my book.”

I love that. I think it’s critical to have someone ahead of you to study. Gary Vee just put on a Master’s clinic in how to launch a book and I personally took a lot of notes.

The danger is when we try to turn inspiration into duplication.

As we attempt to duplicate what someone else is doing we miss a lot of the behind the scenes details. We see the person, Gary Vee, but forgot about the process, the team, the struggle and the thousand other factors that went into the final product.

When we don’t get the same results as the people we’re comparing ourselves to we get frustrated and want to give up. If it worked for Gary, or Bill or Sheila, why didn’t it work for me too? Maybe there’s something wrong with me?

Or maybe you don’t have 650 employees like Gary Vee does.

Let me repeat that. In a recent Instagram post, Gary Vee mentioned he had 650 people at his agency VaynerMedia. The Internet is full of fake, motivational entrepreneur types. Gary isn’t one of them. He’s built a $100 million business.

You would never drive by a large corporation, see 650 people working hard in a big building and think, “Why am I not accomplishing as much as that building? I suck. Look at that company. I should be getting as much done as that company right now and I’m not. Ugh, I am the worst.”

That’s how weird comparison is on the Internet. We look at a CEO of a major company and compare our accomplishments against his.

Does that mean you should wait until you have 650 employees before you hustle? Of course not. Gary Vee was hustling long before he had a single employee and you can learn a lot from him. It just means you shouldn’t compare your results against his results.

Want a bonus reason you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people? Gary Vee is already the best Gary Vee. That spot is taken. The Pioneer Woman is already the best Pioneer Woman. Tim Ferriss is already the best Tim Ferriss.

You know who makes a terrible Tim Ferriss? You do.

You’re the worst Tim Ferriss, but fortunately you’re the best you.

The way to beat comparison is simple.

Hustle so hard on your goals you don’t have time to compare yourself to someone else’s.

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What’s the best way to hustle?

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Comparison is a punk.

Be the best you instead.

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