The message at the heart of what I shared at the 15 Do Over fall tour events was this: there are 4 things you need to focus on if you want to get good at what you do for a living (or if you want to change what you do for a living).

Focus on these 4 things, and you’ll be better equipped to handle any changes you face and have a whole lot more fun along the way. My theory is simple: If you’re going to spend 40-60 hours a week for 40-60 years of your life working, you might as well enjoy it.

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I know many of you weren’t able to make it out to a live event this fall to hear more about what those 4 things are, so I’m excited to announce that Thursday, December 3 at 7pm CT, I’m hosting a live Do Over Webinar.


Who is this free webinar for?

It’s for 9 types of people.

1. If you think trading 50 weeks of drudgery for 2 weeks of vacation every year is bad math, this webinar is for you.

2. If you want to make sure your career is recession proof, this webinar is for you.

3. If you have a dream that you just can’t shake but you’re not sure where to start, this webinar is for you.

4. If you want to win at work, this webinar is for you.

5. If you want to make a few small changes that over time will make a big difference, this webinar is for you.

6. If you’re wondering if you’re too old for a Do Over, you’re probably not, and this webinar is for you.

7. If you think there’s something wrong with spending 40 hours a week for the next 40 years doing something you hate, this webinar is for you.

8. If you want 2016 to be way better than 2015, this webinar is for you.

9. If you wanted to check out the Do Over tour but couldn’t make it to an event, this webinar is for you.

Register for this free event here: Jon Acuff Webinar on 12/03/15. (A replay will be available the next day for those who can’t be there live, but you must be registered to have replay access.)

Hope to see you there!