It’s New Year’s Eve!

Is it me or is that holiday never quite as fun as you think it’s going to be?

In the movies, everyone is always at a crazy party, kissing people with balloons and streamers and fireworks.

That has never been my experience. Maybe I’m just lame.

New Year’s Eve parties are 100% cooler in your head and the movies than they are in real life.

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But I do get excited about December 31st because it means we are on the edge of a brand new year. You’ve got a clean slate! There are 12 fresh months headed your way.

If you want to have an awesome New Year, do as many of the following things as you can:

1. Pick a goal.
2. Find your why.
3. Get your how.
4. Make it fun or it won’t get done.
5. Win with when.
6. Make where a priority.
7. Fight for community.
8. Create a vision of where you’re headed or you won’t start.
9. Cut your goal in half. Half? Yes, half.
10. Find your triggers.
11. Use the two most powerful words to overcome obstacles.
12. Grab data as fast as you can.
13. Find a who ahead of you.
14. Build a personal library.
15. Mark your progress or you’ll never know you’re making any.
16. Make your way through the dip, when it feels time to quit.
17. Get a big soundtrack for your big adventure.
18. Admit that balloons fly higher without anchors.
19. Reach new heights with new tools.
20. Batch! Batch! Batch!
21. Rest or burn out. The choice is yours.
22. Give up perfect.
23. Think of hustle as a lifestyle, not an Axe body spray.
24. Drag your excuses into the bright light of truth.
25. Turn the whole thing into a game.
26. Look into tomorrow if you want to change today.
27. Be grateful.
28. Forget a watchman, go set a timer.
29. Use the power of habits.
30. Be brave enough to brag.

Why did I pick those specific 30? Because for 18 months I’ve been working on something called the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge. I took 10,000 people through this 30 Day Challenge and those are the titles of the lessons I teach.

I turned each one of those into a new video and the next round starts January 4th.

Registration ends on Friday, January 1st at midnight Pacific. (You can sign up right here!)

It’s only $60 and if you don’t love it, if your 2016 isn’t awesome as a result of joining my crazy fun community of hustlers, I’ll give you all your dollars back.

The best part, by the way, is the community. There’s something really fun about getting plugged into a group of 1800 people working on dreams just like you.

Either way though, tomorrow’s the last day to sign up.

If you join, awesome! You’ll get all 30 of the videos mentioned above, a special workbook, a checklist, access to the private community and other fun prizes. (Here’s a quick video about the challenge!)

If you don’t sign up, no problem. Get a goal, get a community and get hustling. (Use that list of 30 actions as a starting point.)

The 30 Days of Hustle isn’t for everyone, but the need to hustle is.

Here’s to a big 2016!