It happens at the end of every summer.

Kids everywhere get a fresh start whether they like it or not (usually not) in the form of going back to school.

Remember that feeling? You were 95% sure you didn’t want summer vacation to end, but there was always a small part of you that was excited for the coming school year.

New clothes. New classes. New haircut. New teachers.

It was a reset button that you might not have wanted, but you knew you needed. A fresh start that marked another year of growth and an opportunity to be better.

If you’re headed back to school this month, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I hope you’re excited about it, and I hope you make the most of the challenges ahead of you.

But what about the rest of us? We have to wait for our chance at a fresh start when New Year’s Day rolls around, right?


That’s why I’m hosting a free webinar next week called Back To Cool: 3 Ways to Boost Your Goals Using the Momentum of a New School Year.

It’s happening live on Wednesday, August 10th at 7pm CT, and it’s free to attend when you register here.


I believe these last few months of 2016 can be your best months of 2016.

I believe your dreams are too important to sit on the shelf unrealized until the ball drops in Times Square.

I believe students shouldn’t be the only ones who get a fresh start after the summer, and if you join me next Wednesday night I’ll tell you how you can get a fresh start too.

(And if you can’t make the live webinar, I’ll be sending out a replay link to everyone who registered for the event so they can watch it later. Sign up here to watch live or to receive the replay link.)

Hope you join me next week!

P.S. – That thing you always wanted to do? It wants you to sign up for this webinar.