I can tell you a million things I think about my book “Finish” (now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon), but what about what other people think?

Here are three tweets from real people in the last 24 hours.

1. You will laugh.

Finish is the funniest book I’ve ever written. The ping pong story and the tale of trying to buy a laptop are worth the price alone, but what are other people saying?

2. You will find helpful advice.

Shana D. Lebowitz writes for Business Insider. She’s an expert at sorting through productivity hype and motivational fluff. What did she think?

3. You will be challenged.

Chapter 7 is the most challenging thing I’ve ever written. It challenged me and it’s going to challenge you. Here’s what Luis said about it. (Also, when you write out warofart it looks like “war o’ fart.” I am 12.)

If you’re great at starting but not finishing, it’s time to read Finish.

I dare you to transform from a chronic starter to a consistent finisher.

Order your copy today: Barnes & Noble | Amazon