I think kale is on it’s way out, now that “kalettes” are becoming a thing. What’s that? Oh, just a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts that is gaining popularity. (It’s like some evil scientist thought, “How could I make Brussels sprouts even worse? It’s impossible. No wait, what if I kale and Brussels sprouts had a love child?”)

Kale won’t be hot forever, ask arugula, which owned 1990, beets who dominated 1982, or Portobello mushrooms, everyone’s favorite in 1995. Veggies come and go faster than true love on the Bachelor.

But until then, watch out for these three lies that kale eaters tell you:

Lie #1 – It tastes good!
No it doesn’t. It tastes like sad grass or lettuce’s mopey cousin who was really into the Cure before anyone else was.

Lie #2 – You can’t even taste it!
If you don’t fall for lie #1 they switch tactics. They’ll tell you, “Don’t worry, you won’t even notice it. Just add it to stuff, you won’t even know it’s there.” Lies. So many lies. Spinach is a gentleman. Spinach will hide in the corner of a meal, not causing any trouble. Kale punches you in the mouth all day long.

Lie #3 – It’s an alternative to French fries.
Stop it. Just stop it. There is no way you can switch out French fries for kale and expect not to notice. No one in the history of eating has thought, “Was that kale or a delicious, golden, salty, heaven in potato form French fry? I can’t tell.” But I promise you there are restaurants right now saying, “Do you want French Fries, Tater Tots or a kale salad?”

I bring up kale right now because it’s the time of year that people stop eating it.

A cashier at the grocery store told me that the last week of January is also the last week of salad. People stop buying kale. Why?

Because most people don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, they make January resolutions.

Everyone starts out with this huge swagger January 1st, but by the end of January, the kale is done. The running is done. The book writing is done. The business starting is done.

But not this year.

I wasn’t going to offer a February round of 30 Days of Hustle, until the wait list hit 600 people and I realized there were lots of people who wanted to win all year, not just in January.

Sign up ends tonight at midnight.

If you haven’t seen the 679 tweets I’ve done about it, the 30 Days of Hustle includes the following:

1. 30 brand new videos
2. Access to a private Facebook community
3. The 30 Days of Hustle Workbook
4. Daily email reminders to keep you motivated for the 30 days
5. The 30 Days of Hustle Worksheet

Plus, I’ll refund your money, unlike that punk kale, if you don’t absolutely love it.

This is it.

Don’t set January Resolutions.

Hustle on New Year’s Resolutions.

Join the 30 Days of Hustle before midnight tonight!

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