Sunday afternoon is statistically one of the most depressing times of the week for many Americans. Why? Because it’s the day before Monday.

And Monday is the job you don’t want to go back to. Monday is the commute you don’t want to make again. Monday is the project you’ve been avoiding or the boss you’ve been fearing or the career decision you’ve been regretting.

How do you make your job better?

There are three easy ways.

1. Stop saying “day job.”
The subtitle of my book Quitter is, “Closing the gap between your day job and your dream job.” I love the rhythm of it. It says what I hope you’ll do, but I also hope that before you get your dream job, you’ll stop saying “day job.” There’s so much negative baggage associated with that phrase. When we call our jobs “day jobs,” we come right out of the gate with a negative opinion. Instead, just say “job.” The word “day” is only getting in the way of you having a good attitude. (Even in the title of my post it feels like a downer.)

2. Remember why you work.
Work should never just be about the paycheck. You’re working for your kids or your spouse or your future. The work you do matters and sometimes we forget that. If it’s hard to get motivated for work instead get motivated for why you took that job in the first place. In the same way it’s easier for smokers to quit if they put a photo of someone who matters on the package of the cigarettes, you have to reconnect to your bigger purpose.

3. Write your job a thank you note.
This is so cheesy I almost want to dip a chip into it, but it’s true. Gratefulness isn’t always natural. You have to be deliberately grateful. When was the last time you wrote your job a thank you note? Chances are the answer is, “never.” Today, right now, jot down three or four things you are thankful for at your job. You don’t have to give it to any one, but sometimes just the simple act can help.

We’ve talked about bravery. We’ve talked about support for our dreams. We’ve talked about a few things, but today it’s time to get practical.

Monday is coming and Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the week.

Don’t hate your job. Life’s too short for 40 hours of hate a week.