If you and I sat down for coffee and you asked me for 3-5 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about finishing things over the years, here’s what I’d probably talk to you about:

1. How to pick the right goal to finish. (The wrong goal is really distracting.)

2. The 1% difference and the power of small wins.

3. 8 ways to refine your goal.

4. 3 ways to find out what you REALLY want.

5. How to get a baseline for your goal that propels you forward.

And if the coffee was amazing and we had extra time, I might tell you about the next 5 ideas as well:

6. How to hire the “How Kid” and let him work his magic.

7. Practical ways to keep comparison from tripping you up.

8. 3 ways to bomb on purpose (And why you need to).

9. Breaking down our actions into “Increase” and “Decrease” lists.

10. How to interview your past to increase your chances of success.

And if coffee turned into lunch and this coffee place miraculously had great chips and queso as well, I might keep going with:

11. The important difference between announcing a goal and asking for accountability.

12. Why you need a wig.

13. The power of sprint weeks.

14. The tips and tricks I use to fight off perfectionism.

15. Dealing with anger (and why it’s sometimes a good thing.)

And if the chips were unlimited and the queso was endless, I’d probably hit these next five without even realizing it:

16. Why motivation is a terrible fuel (and what to do instead).

17. How to identify obstacles ahead of time.

18. Dealing with the haters.

19. How micro-challenges can get you through a slump.

20. Finishing without stress.

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What is exactly the Finish Course?

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What kind of goals will The Finish Course help you finish?

+ Losing weight and getting into the kind of shape you’ve always wanted.
+ Finishing your first (or latest) book (with less stress than you thought possible)
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