There are really only two things I’ve done over the last 6 years that have made me win:

1. I navigated social media.

2. I learned how to build influence and connect with influencers.

I’ve written a lot about both topics, but tonight and tomorrow night I will have a chance to tell you how I did both in a free event at Belmont.

You will learn things like:

1. The most important $12 dollars you can spend.

2. Why influencers often don’t like doing you favors.

3. How to turn a direct message into 75,000 unique readers.

4. The question employers are going to ask you in five years and what you can do now to get ready.

5. Why I live tweet the Grammy’s and why you should too.

And a million other things. Bring a notebook, it’s going to be highly tactical and full of actionable ideas.

Tonight (Monday the 17th) at 6:00 I will cover social media with the goal of helping you use it in a way that gets you a job, grows your dream and makes you all around pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I will cover influence and what it means to you.

The event is on the 4th floor of the Inman building and has a very, very limited amount of seats available. There are only about 120 so get there early! This won’t be recorded and the content will be too long to put into a blog post so this is a one shot kind of deal.

Best of all, it’s FREE.

You in?