There are two things I know about you:

  1. You are capable of more than you think.
  2. It will take more work than you think.

I know the first one because this has been true of everyone I’ve ever met. We are the worst judges of what we are capable of. Everyone I’ve met had another gear, a deeper level, a bigger goal than they knew initially.

I know the second one because anything worth having takes hustling. Books aren’t easy. Businesses aren’t easy. Diets aren’t easy.

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The good stuff is always the hard stuff.

But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Writing “The end” on a book you finished is fun.

Crossing the finish line at a race is fun.

Throwing away the last bag of clutter from your house is fun.

I don’t like most self help books because they over stress how capable you are and under stress how much you’ll have to work. They fill your head with promises that the universe will conspire to help you and rainbows will anoint you if you only believe and unicorns will laugh jelly beans directly into your mouth. Nonsense.

I don’t like most business books because they spend too much time talking about how much work it will take to accomplish anything. They’re heavy on the practical and low on the inspirational. There’s no hope to fuel you through the pain of the process.

You’ve got to have both or your goal will flat line on the table.

The 30 Days of Hustle Challenge does and sign up ends in less than 72 hours. Not only is it 30 days of awesome video content from me, it’s also time proven, results based and backed with a full money back guarantee.

You’re capable of more than you think.

It’s going to take more work than you think.

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