On Friday I announced the upcoming 30 Days of Hustle Challenge (if you missed it, details are here).


I’m opening up early bird registration in a couple of weeks. Before I do, I have two quick questions I would love your help with today. In my book Do Over, I write about the power of empathy, which I define as “Understanding what someone needs and then acting on it.” One of the best ways to have empathy is to “Read less minds, ask more questions.” (Apologies to grammar fans who know that it should be “fewer” not “less.” I like the rhythm of less better and rhythm is a dancer, so …)

[Tweet “Want to serve people better? Read less minds, ask more questions.”]

I don’t want to create a challenge that I think is helpful, I want to create a challenge that I KNOW is helpful because it meets the real needs you’ve got.

You can answer the questions here: Two Questions I Need Your Help With

I’m really excited about this January’s 30 Days of Hustle Challenge! There’s one particular surprise with this challenge that I can’t wait to share with you.

Thanks for your help!