Sending a book, a project, a business or anything else you care about into the world is a nervous experience.

It’s easier to hide the things you care about in a quiet drawer in your house than it is to share them.

This is why so many people have “someday dreams.” Things they will do “someday.” It is far more comfortable to talk about what you will do someday instead of actually doing something today.

Now, a few weeks away from launching my new book Do Over, I wrestle with all the fears that come with releasing something. It’s available for pre-order and I’ve been blown away by how many people have already purchased it, but still there is fear.

This weekend though, I sat down and wrote a list of the things fear fears. For fear is not brave. There are some very specific thing that make it quake. Should you ever find yourself afraid, remember this list and then go out and find as many of these as you can. (Except for #8 of course.)

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