Fear is a powerful poison but it’s not the most dangerous toxin when it comes to dreaming.

That title belongs to a surprisingly peaceful looking word that actually ruins more dreams than any other obstacle.

What dragon is this? What demon lurking just outside your door?

It’s the word “someday.”

Someday is where most of us store our dreams.

Someday I will write a book.

Someday I will start a business.

Someday I will ask her out.

Someday I will let him know how I really feel.

Someday I will go on that trip.

Someday I will lose that weight.

Someday, someday, someday.

If we said, “I will never chase my dream” the finality of that would shame us into action. But we don’t, instead we believe the lie of someday. (Steven Pressfield writes brilliantly about this very thing in The War of Art.)

Though I’ve written about this word before, I’ve never said what I am about to tell you.

Today is someday.

Scratch out the word on today’s calendar. It’s wrong. It is not Monday or Tuesday or whatever day it says.

Today is someday and my buddy William Warren illustrated this idea perfectly for me. You should follow him on Instagram. He gets it.

He knows that every day, your actions determine if this will be someday or just another ordinary day.

I choose someday.

I choose that this is the day that the dreams of tomorrow are supposed to begin.

I choose not to hide my hope in a future that will never arrive.

It’s here.

For me and you.

Today is someday.

What are you going to begin?