I bet you can’t guess what I did right before writing this?

Is your guess “lifting weights” because I’m huge?

I appreciate that, but that’s not what I was doing.

Prior to sitting down to write this short blog post, I was watching clips of the best blind auditions on the show “The Voice.” (Did you know Keith Urban is a judge on the Australian version of the Voice? That felt like he was cheating on American Idol.)

Why was I doing that?

Because I needed to get inspired to write.

I spent the day I wrote this flying from Nashville to Philadelphia and then driving to Lancaster. It was a dreary, grey day and writing is the last thing I wanted to do.

So, I went to my old standby for a quick hit of inspiration, Voice auditions.

I don’t just watch the US versions either. I watch every country. I’m like the Pitbull of YouTube Voice clips. Call me Mr. Worldwide!

Is that weird?

It is.

So is watching the, “How you do you like dem apples” scene in Good Will Hunting. So is listening to Guns n’ Roses when you don’t feel like finishing a run.

I do a lot of weird things, but here’s a secret. They work.

Getting motivated isn’t a science. It’s an art, a messy art.

On any given day, there are about a billion things that can bring you down.

Quarterly taxes.

Arguing about politics.

Internet trolls.

Your bank account.

That sound your car started making that you pretended was just other cars near you but you can no longer deny it.

The list goes on and on. Demotivators, not technically a word which in and of itself bums me out, don’t play fair. Why should we?

So do something weird until you get your hype back.

The truth is, it’s not weird if it works.

In a few days, I’m going to launch the next round of the 30 Days of Hustle video challenge. Is it weird? I guess. Maybe hustling on your goal with a community of people from around the world who support you is weird, but it works. More than 5,000 people just like you have already used to it lose weight, start businesses, write books, declutter their houses and much more.

Sign up for the early list to get the lowest rate possible.

Don’t be average.

Be weird.

It’s a lot more fun.

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